Spreading the word of Josiah’s Journey is very important to us, there are so many families that have lost children and haven’t been reached! We would love to speak at your event and share some practical knowledge that we have gained while on our journey. We also want to use this speaking opportunity to raise awareness. When we lost our son in 2015, I was shocked by how many women contacted me saying they suffered a miscarriage, others a second trimester loss and still others a neonatal loss like we did with Josiah.

A few months after his passing, I was contacted again by numerous people telling me that their daughter had a miscarriage or their sister had one. Those are just a few examples. They wanted to know how to help them grieve, how to help them heal. When we speak we will address a few of these questions. We want to use the opportunity to reach those who have lost and let them know they are not alone. – Leslie


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Thank you for your interest in scheduling U.S. Missionaries Stephan and Leslie DeLorenzo. We are honored that you would consider hosting this ministry.

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    Below are answers to the most frequently asked scheduling questions:

    A. Scheduling

    Our scheduling process is based upon two main factors: availability and location.

    9-10 months per year we travel in our RV on a tour circuit. During the fall and spring, we are usually on either the East or West coasts on extended tours. Because we are driving, the order of the locations needs to make tactical sense–so that we are not driving from San Diego, CA to Seattle, WA for our next conference.

    B. How Far Ahead?

    We are so thankful to God for His blessing upon and patience with our ministry.

    Currently, we are scheduling for 2021 and 2022. However, there are always cancellations that arise because of church leadership or schedule changes.

    C. Finances

    We travel to churches of all sizes on the basis of a separate love offering received in each service plus travel expense (traveling with an RV we are able to keep expenses low, therefore we are able to have a base travel fee that helps with campsite fees and mileage of $200).

    Though we certainly operate on a budget, we have always found that if a church will receive a separate love offering and agree to pay our travel, our financial needs are always met–regardless of church size.

    Many churches no longer receive love offerings, and choose instead to meet our conference budget. That is the option of the host church/organization.

    how can we help you?

    We are here to answer questions and talk with you. We want to hear from you.

    I would highly encourage all Pastors to invite Stephan and Leslie Delorenzo to speak and minister at your church. Their story and ministry would be a great blessing and encouragement to those that lost a child. I have known Pastor Stephan for three years, and he is truly a man of God. Their heart is for those who are grieving to find hope and encouragement after a loss. Pastor Stephan and Leslie have a lot to offer; please consider partnering with them as they fulfill their call with Josiah’s journey. I promise you won’t regret it!

    Dr. Jason Dailey
    Lead Pastor Madison Assembly of God Church