Your partnership enables us to give Eden’s boxes full of free resources to grieving parents. Your generosity enables us to provide free grief counseling in person and online. We are also hosting free training seminars for churches to educate and equip them to care for and disciple grieving parents and to establish a Josiah’s Journey Outpost.

Your support will permit us to serve anyone, anywhere in the US without being a financial burden to them.

If you feel led to give financially you can do so online at, you can mail a check back with this form, or call AG Contributions at (877) 840-4800 and give them our account number: 2A6746. Our goal is to raise $3,400 in monthly sponsors and an additional $24,000 in one-time donations by May 2021.

Please check as many boxes as you feel led:

I will commit to make a faith promise pledge to monthly support your ministry.
(To set up recurring giving by phone please call AG Contributions at (877) 840-4800)

I will commit to make a one-time contribution to your ministry.

I will speak with my church leadership and work to connect you with them to hopefully have you come and minister to our congregation.

I will commit to pray for the DeLorenzo Family as you minister hope across the US.

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