Eden’s Box

Eden's Box This box was created in memory of our child, Eden, who was miscarried in 2016. Having a one on one relationship is our main goal in helping people through the process of losing a child. However, we understand we aren't able to attain that with everyone. Eden's Box is intended as a gift


Support At Josiah’s Journey we understand the pain of losing a child. Our mission is to reach families and individuals and help them on their journey of healing. We long to build relationships with them in effort to help deal with their grief, how to deal with the people around them, and most importantly, we


Speaking Spreading the word of Josiah’s Journey is very important to us, there are so many families that have lost children and haven’t been reached! We would love to speak at your event and share some practical knowledge that we have gained while on our journey. We also want to use this speaking opportunity to


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