Eden’s Box

Eden’s Box

This box was created in memory of our child, Eden, who was miscarried in 2016. Having a one on one relationship is our main goal in helping people through the process of losing a child. However, we understand we aren’t able to attain that with everyone. Eden’s Box is intended as a gift of love. This box is able to be sent anywhere in the United States to help those dealing with the loss of a child find comfort. We place materials in this box that will allow the recipient to better understand why this is happening, what to expect in the near future, and how to grieve through to healing. There are practical books, journals, music, jewelry and other items that will assist the hurting family in finding comfort. 

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I would highly encourage all Pastors to invite Stephan and Leslie Delorenzo to speak and minister at your church. Their story and ministry would be a great blessing and encouragement to those that lost a child. I have known Pastor Stephan for three years, and he is truly a man of God. Their heart is for those who are grieving to find hope and encouragement after a loss. Pastor Stephan and Leslie have a lot to offer; please consider partnering with them as they fulfill their call with Josiah’s journey. I promise you won’t regret it!

Dr. Jason Dailey
Lead Pastor Madison Assembly of God Church